Educational Resources

Educational Resources

During this extended school closure, we will continue to share information with our students and families on how they can access educational resources and supports that are available to families.

Online resources are available immediately, and we will continue to update our website with new resources and links.  In addition, packets are available to provide students with meaningful activities to reinforce or extend learning.

  • Packets will be available beginning at 11 AM on Monday, March 23.
  • You can download and print these packets from our website here.
  • Packets will be mailed on March 23 to students receiving special education services.
  • Printed packets will be available in front of each school and at all lunch/breakfast pick-up locations.

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We encourage parents to:

  • Set aside structured time each day for students to engage in meaningful learning.
  • Utilize technology to provide individualized learning.
  • Balance technology with hands-on or paper learning materials.
  • Don’t allow too much screen time for children (learning, TV, and video games).

We also encourage every child at every age to have dedicated time to read books every day and dedicated time to play outside. In addition to the resources we post, there are countless educational companies that have offered free accounts to families. Internet searches, Facebook, and other social media sites can be a good way to find these resources.

Finally, North Central Regional Library has closed its physical locations, but there are still online resources and mail-order books. This is a great free resource for our region. You can order books that will arrive in the mail. You can also access thousands of audiobooks and other digital learning materials at

These resources ARE:

  • Optional for families to use and keep students engaged
  • Meaningful activities to reinforce or extend current learning
  • Guidance for families to support engagement
  • Online resources with which students have familiarity
  • Providing a handful of options

These resources are NOT: 

  • Replication of classroom instruction
  • Assignments that will be collected, assessed, and graded
  • Monitoring students' access to online tools/resources
  • Providing an exhaustive list of options

For further questions about learning resources, please contact your child’s principal: