COVID Reporting

When should you go to school and when should you stay home?

Read the Grant County Health District Screening Flow Chart (Handling Suspected, Presumptive or Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Flow Chart & Protocols)

Reporting COVID Cases

As required by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and local/state health authorities, all schools must be prepared for the possibility of positive COVID-19 cases and the need to quarantine. Quarantining is a necessary step to prevent further spread of the virus and protect staff and students. Our district will follow all protocols established by the Grant County Health District and the state Department of Health (DOH). Additionally, we will communicate as quickly as possible with all parties involved, while adhering to applicable FERPA and HIPAA privacy regulations.

Upon confirmation that a student or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19, trained Royal School District staff will immediately conduct required contact tracing. If it is determined that a student or staff member had close contact^ with a person who tested positive, they will be contacted directly by RSD staff with instructions about monitoring symptoms, quarantining/isolation, and testing. Additionally, students and staff who have been determined as NOT being close contacts will receive notification as follows:

If the confirmed individual attends Red Rock Elementary or Royal Intermediate School (K-6th grade), the school’s secretary will call:

  • Students from the same class
  • Students from the same bus route (if applicable)

If the confirmed individual attends Royal Middle or High School (7th-12th grade), an automated phone recording (“robocall”) from RSD will be sent to all students in that same school building.

When notifying students/staff who are not close contacts, RSD will only indicate: 1) whether the individual who tested positive was a staff or a student; 2) what class (grades K-6) or cohort (grades 7-12) the individual was in. The automated notification calls will never identify the individual’s name, gender, grade level, or age.

^ Close Contact = less than 6 feet distance for a total of 15 minutes or more in a 24 hr period to a person with COVID 19. For potential classroom exposures, physical distancing and face mask practices will be considered when determining quarantine. (- Grant County Health District)

This flowchart (PDF) outlines the notification process RSD will follow after receiving confirmation of a positive case in either a student or employee.

COVID reporting flowchart