Professional Development

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Professional Development Opportunities

Want to take a deeper dive into the CEL 5D+ Instructional Framework?

This valuable PD includes monthly sessions devoted to looking more carefully at each dimension, assessing current understanding/implementation, and researching resources for application of the dimensions. Teachers can pick which session/s they would like to attend. One clock hour and committee pay are available for each session.

Sessions are as follows (and also on the PD calendar) and are from 3:30-4:30 in RHS Room 123:

  • Purpose-Tuesday, October 8
  • Assessment-Tuesday, November 5
  • Student Engagement-Tuesday, December 3
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy-Tuesday, January 7
  • Classroom Environment and Culture-Tuesday, February 4
  • Professional Communication and Collaboration-Tuesday, March 3
  • Reflection, Celebration, and Looking Ahead-Tuesday, April 14

Please call or email Laurie Lafser if you plan to attend.

Substitute Teachers

Come learn about AESOP, specific building information, and how to make the most of your day with our students! All current and new substitute teachers are welcome to attend. If you are hired as a substitute teacher this school year, this half-day professional development is required. All of the Professional Development sessions are from 8:30-11:30 AM in the High School Library. Afternoon time can be utilized for SafeSchools online training, if needed. Half day or full day substitute pay is available. Please see below for monthly session dates.

Please sign up by contacting Laurie Lafser, RSD Teaching and Learning Director, at or 509-346-2256 ext. 3912.

  • Sept. 19
  • Oct. 2
  • Nov. 6
  • Dec. 5
  • Jan. 8
  • Feb. 5
  • Mar. 4
  • Apr. 1
  • May 6

Royal School District understands the positive impact that professional growth has on student achievement. Therefore, a variety of professional development offerings are available. Some of these are scheduled as mandatory offerings during the regular school day, while others are optional and are offered outside of the school day. While many of these opportunities are on-site, off-site professional development is also available.

Please utilize the RSD Professional Development Calendar to browse current opportunities.

Professional development pathways for Royal School District certificated staff that requires funding (such as registration fees and/or substitute teachers, for example), are the following:

  • An administrator recommends the professional development OR a staff member requests the professional development, and the building administrator approves it;
  • A staff member requests the professional development, and the administrator recommends that the staff member completes the PD packet and submits it to the PD Committee;
  • A staff member requests a self-chosen professional development and asks the building administrator if staff development funds could be used to get reimbursed for the professional development.

Educational Service District 105 offers a multitude of opportunities.  Please utilize the ESD 105 website if you are looking for a particular topic.

Clock hours are offered whenever possible, which can be used for renewing certificates. In order to earn the clock hours, please remember to do the following:

  • Put your name and contact information on the clock hour attendance sheet.
  • If a single session, sign the sheet; if a multi-date session, sign in EACH date in which you are present.

For questions, contact Laurie Lafser, Teaching and Learning Director, at 509.346.2256, extension 3912 or at

Professional Development Pathways 2019-2020

Start with Pathway #1, then move to others, as needed.

Pathway 1

Principal/Administrator Approval

  • Must use budget source under administrator's control
  • Must consider substitutes, travel, district space, etc.

  1. Administrator decides to send staff to PD
  2. Staff member makes PD request
  3. Administrator approves/denies
  4. Administrator ensures cover sheet is complete and sent to district office
    • Purchase order(s)
    • Transportation
    • Substitute(s)
    • Etc.
  5. District office ensures all arrangements are complete
    • Accommodations
    • Transportation
    • PD Calendar
    • Registration
    • Etc.

Pathway 2

Professional Development Committee

The committee considers all other PD opportunities. Examples may include District initiatives, non-building specific, individual/special requests, innovative initiatives, etc.

If approved, PD will be funded by District and/or grant(s) as determined by District Office.

  1. Person requesting PD fills out PD packet
  2. Due to Curriculum Director 3 days prior to PD Committee meeting
  3. PD Committee meets 1 time per month or as needed
  4. Committee approves/denies
  5. District office ensures all arrangements are complete
    • Accommodations
    • Transportation
    • PD Calendar
    • Registration
    • Etc.

Pathway 3

Staff Development Funds $500

"Each staff member will receive $500 in staff development funds which may be used for professional development activities, National Board Certification, Professional Certification, clock hours, and publications, with the approval of the building principal. - REA CBA

  1. Teacher fills out staff reimbursement form
    • Receipt and/or proof of payment
    • In some cases verification of attendance or completion
    • Publications must be professional in nature. Personal or classroom books do not qualify